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Online service began way back in March 2020 when the government of Kenya announced the closure of the places of worship as one of the measures to help in containing the COVID-19 (Corona Virus) pandemic that was ravaging Kenya and the rest the world.

As a result, the church was not able to keep in touch with the worshippers spiritually as it used to be before the pandemic. Through the leadership of the vicar at the time Ven. Canon John Maina, a YouTube channel and Facebook page under the church name ‘ACK ST. LUKES UMOJA’ were created immediately to be used in passing a word of encouragement to the church members. It was later decided by the management in April 2020 that church services i.e., Main Service, Sunday School Service and Teens Service be recorded and get uploaded every Sundays in the morning for the members to follow and view. There were also daily sermons from Monday to Saturday to keep on encouraging Christians.

The recorded version of the services continued until September 2020 when the decision was again made to be streaming services live from the Main Service, Teens Service and Sunday School service and an additional service in the middle of the week which now became Mid-Week Service. Later when the places of worship were partially opened, the Teens and the Sunday School Live Services were dropped due to overlapping of the time with that of the other services i.e Youth Service and Kiswahili Service and instead we returned back to recording and uploading them as initial.

Both our YouTube Channel and Facebook Page have over 400 videos and anyone can access and view our services at any point of time since March 2020. For you to be able to get our links for our new services anytime we go live, you need to register in the church system.

At the request of the Vicar The Ven Canon Peter Maina the Anglican Men Association (KAMA) in the Parish Kenya raised Ks.1.2million in the month of July 2021 to boast the online ministry. The funds were used in buying complete equipment for the team to use in the setup and the filming. The equipment have now been commissioned and dedicated for the work.

  • Importance of the online service to us.

  • It has helped us to reach worshippers from far.

  • Expand our reach especially to more believers.

  • It has also helped us bypass our space limitation especially when the church could not hold all the worshippers who were willing to avail themselves physically in the service.

  • We are able to archive our online services and the worshipers who missed some of the services can watch later at his/her own convenient time.

  • The online service is more interactive as the viewers can comment and asked questions during the service.

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