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Praise & Worship Ministry

The Praise and Worship Ministry in ACK St. Luke’s Umoja is an affiliate of the Church Missions and Evangelism Team.

The Praise and Worship team began when the church was established in 2002 with few members namely Nicholas Gakuiya, Elizabeth Anakai, Pauline Wawirah, Agnes Omondi and Jennifer Wamaru who led choruses during the church services. This was under the leadership of the late Rev. Dr. Humphrey Muraguri.

In 2003, the Praise and Worship team became vibrant having more committed members with an additional borrowed Keyboard played by Sammy and Wycliffe that enhanced accompaniment during ministration. Nicholas Gakuiya was the coordinator at this time.

In 2004, there was incorporation of new members as old members left due to family relocation, job transfers and some were married in other churches, which posed a big challenge to the team. The new coordinators at the time were Mrs. Mwanyuma and Mrs. Eunice Gichora.

From 2004 to date, the team has grown immensely. The Church was able to purchase a new keyboard and later on drumsets, baseguitar and the state of the art sound system.

The team meets for Practice every Wednesday after the midweek service and on Saturday at 5pm.

The current team membership consist of nineteen people, namely:


The team

1. Chairlady – Mrs. Carol Bari
2. Secretary – Mrs. Regina Wetende
3. Treasurer – Mr. Calvin Odhiambo
4. Technical Coordinator – Mr. John Akongo

1. Caroline Auma
2. Irene Odolo
3. Nyambura Kiiru
4. Pamela Odhiambo
5. Carol Bari

1. Vincent Odallo – Bassist
2. Evans Karani – Drummer
3. John Akongo – Keyboardist
4. James Karanja – Keyboardist

1. Regina Wetende
2. Phoebe Omonge
3. Jane Kiiru
4. Rhoda Kane
5. Jentrix Matiebo

1. John Kinywa
2. Charles Okilla

1. Hammertone Mwanduka
2. Calvin Odhiambo
3. Jimmy Were

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