TEE (Theological Education by Extension)

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 T.E.E means Theological Education by Extension, this is a programme where participants study the word of God and learn more of the bible trying to understand the hidden meaning of the word. It is a programme that is initiated at the diocesan level though, to ensure that more participants are involved it is applied at the Parish level where trainers are trained to lead the groups during group discussions.

TEE is a three month programme whereby the terms run concurrently with the school terms. The study book is a ten week programme whereby a participant is able to study Gods word on a daily basis using the book as a guide and the bible.

At St Lukes Umoja T.E.E programme began in the year 2003 where the participants were drawn from Umoja 11 now St. Augustine church and St. Lukes Umoja with only 1 trainer now Rev. Marshal Otieno. In the year 2004 the people started embracing TEE and the number continued to grow.

This programme has had its own challenges of payment of books since we aren’t all equal hence making others not able to continue with the lessons and as leaders having to bear the burden of costings for the books when need be.

This programme as any other was hit during the Covid -19 and is only picking up after 2 years of break. We however, have been grateful to God and the leadership of ST. Lukes for the far and currently the number of participants is fifteen (15), our study book is entitled ‘study the book of Mark Yourself’ with four (4) trainers currently. The church has trained six (6) one Ann Ochieng moved away from Umoja and Cecily went to be with the Lord few years ago.

This programme has being of benefit to many in knowing the word of God and being able to apply in our lives, knowing what God expects of us thus helping us in relating with others as pertains Gods purpose in our lives and the social aspect of being with each other when need arise e.g. in death, visiting new borns and even partnering in prayer. Amazingly majority serving in the church have passed through this meaningful programme at one time.

Thank you so much for your support may the almighty God continue blessing St. Lukes and the Diocese of Nairobi for this opportunity.

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