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Journey of ACK St. Luke's Umoja Youth Ministry to date

Our history dates back to 2002 when Godwin was the chairperson of the youth. The ministry consisted of a small assembly of few members. Godwin was later succeeded by Kelvin Luvaga who was also succeeded by Charles Okilla in 2012.

This unity and tremendous growth of course, couldn’t have been possible if it were not for the support of our then vicar Ven. John Anzaya who held this ministry close to his heart. What stood out during Okilla’s reign was the introduction of ‘The Open Forum’ where youths could air out their issues without fear or favor.

Later in 2014, Jimmy Kibugi succeeded Okilla. He was able to push this ministry up to 2015. Jimmy was a very dedicated chairman who also moved this ministry to a greater level. He preached love among the youths (1 John 4;12) and together with his cabinet, was able to win more souls for Christ. What stood out during Jimmy’s reign was how he lifted people’s faith in matters spiritual and winning souls for Christ. The introduction of Anglicanism to youths was also made easier through Jimmy Kibugi.

From 2015-2016, Charles Obaro became the new elected chairman of the youth. Obaro was also able to work hard towards the success of this ministry. He introduced a number of activities that brought unity among youths. Obaro was also known to be a chairman of order. He brought order among the youths through stringent measures. This is what stood out during his reign since he ran a ministry of order! Obaro also introduced fellowship among the youths.

Later in 2016, Obaro stepped down and was succeeded by Victor Nyadida. Nyadida, just like the rest, was a unique chairman! He succeeded in introducing the youths to a number of activities for instance: fellowship in people’s houses, swallow ship, meetups among others. This was his unique way of bringing all youths together. Nyadida would also fish youths attending the main service back to the youth service and of course not forgetting how he used to look for the lost sheep through calls etc. During Nyadida’s reign, there was also tremendous growth in the number of youths. What stood out during his reign was the introduction of ‘The Profile.’ The Profile is a hot-seat interview segment in the youth service that features guests from the congregation, them who have been an inspiration to the congregation out of their exemplary lives. During Nyadida’s reign, youths also purchased tents.

Victor Nyadida was then succeeded by the present chairman Gerald Mwangi. Mwangi has been serving the youths since the year 2019 to date. This was after Nyadida stepped down in 2018 and later walked down the isle in a colorful wedding.

Gerald Mwangi has also succeeded in moving this ministry to where it is now! Mwangi, who is known to be a jovial character has been able to bring youths together in matters spiritual, fellowship, bonding, swallow ships among others. He always says to his youths “Nawapenda bure,” “Nyinyi ni watu wa maana,” among many melting words. During Mwangi’s reign, he has also been able to unite youths through regular meetups, retreats, Tuesday prayer evenings, meetups in the WhatsApp group among others. Mwangi has also succeeded in meeting financial needs of a few youths especially since corona struck our country in 2020 and life became unfair for most people. What has stood out during Mwangi’s reign is how he runs the WhatsApp group with overflowing words of encouragement to his members almost on a daily basis hence, uplifting their souls.

Gerald Mwangi, who is still in the office, is yet to succeed in purchasing other tents and chairs for the youth ministry.

In conclusion, the youth ministry has been running successfully through the grace of God and His guidance and also through the above mentioned chairpersons who agreed to be used of the Holy spirit for the betterment of the ministry.

We have then become a family under our big umbrella ST LUKES UMOJA CHURCH. SHALOM!

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