Fellowships Groups

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Fellowships Groups

ACK St. Luke’s Parish members and worshippers are divided according to the regions where they reside in the parish jurisdiction. Each group forms a fellowship where they hold meetings regularly in their homes and at times in church and other times online. Apart from Eastern Outer fellowship, the rest usually hold their meetings on Friday of every week. Eastern-Outer fellowship group meets twice a month on a Sunday afternoon.

Since Covid 19 pandemic struck, the fellowships have largely been holding meetings online with in-person meetings being very occasionally. Other than fellowshipping together, the groups come in handy whenever members are either in need or in some kind of distress caused by sickness or may have had an unfortunate situation of having a death in the family.

They also come together whenever there are good times such as a wedding or graduation or any other thing that would bring them together. In other words, they operate as one family within the bigger church family.

Members of the group do stand with each other by offering support, moral, financial, and spiritual during such occasions. The fellowships work on a rotational basis as ushers during Sunday services and any other day as they may be called upon.

We emphasize the importance of the fellowships, as they are the back-born of the church together with the various other church departments. The fellowships are also small administrative units of the church. They assist in coordinating pastoral care and various aspects of church ministration.

Through fellowships, members get to know each other and can stand with each other accordingly. This is a venue where the clergy also get to know members and their various giftings and talents and as a result, some are identified for ministry positions. The members get time to pray together and for each other and this enhances the growth of members individually and corporately.

The fellowship groups are ten. Each group has 4 leaders who coordinate the activities of the group. However, the overall coordinator for all the fellowships is Mr. Lucas Owino who works hand in hand with The Rev Laban Agisa to oversee the running of the fellowships under the guidance of the Parish Vicar The Ven. Canon Peter Maina. The fellowships also get support of Rev Captain John Kuria and all the lay readers.

The following is a list of the fellowships with their leaders:






AF to L

John Maina

Dancan Nyaga

Lucy Gichuru

James Thirikwa

M to Q

Steve Wambua

Victor Nyadida

Felix asete

Sallix Wawira

Sector A to Deliverance

Kenneth Njeru

Patrick Mwati

Ruth Nyagaki

Irene Mwadime


Bernard Kariuki

Beatrice Kimani

Rachel Kamau

Edwin Laleyo

Unity to Emmaus

Samuel Omonge

David Odera

Elizabeth Kihara

Maureen Wesonga

Umoja 2

Obadiah Nyaga

Regina Wetende

Lucy Yogo

Catherine Njeri

Umoja 3

George Ondolo

Edwin Nyongesa

Hellen Opiyo

Sarah Wambui


Julius Wamaru

Adams Mwangi

Judy Mugi

Philip Koech

Feroz to Saika

Margaret Mumbi

Ruth Nandwa

Calvin Odhiambo

Elizabeth Njagi

Eastern Outer

Reuben Kimanzi

Abisack Kirwa

Merab Otieno

Jenipher Ongoma

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