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The main objective of St. Luke’s Choir is to sing for God’s glory – To be :

 “A tool for Propagating and proclaiming God’s message through music while endeavouring to touch the heart of God’’ .

Through music and its leadership in worship in church, we aim to:

  1. Inspire the congregation; connecting peoples’ hearts with God and inspire one to offer human Best Sacrifice to God.

  2. Encourage the broken-hearted with God’s message through Music that edifies- reminding people Bible Truths.

  3. Be preachers as gospel music is a great tool for evangelism.

  4. To lead in worship as we praise God, proclaiming the Gospel and to lead God’s people (Congregation/Audience) into deeper knowledge and experience of Him through music

  5. To prepare for church services; Supporting the Gospel Message (Sermon)through appropriate songs selection ranging from Hymns arrangement, Classical music ,Gospel songs to Spirituals. etc.) and special events and programs eg. Easter, Christmas, weddings, Afternoon of Songs and others.

  6. To promote / serve as a Fellowship Group outside of our rehearsal time for faith formation, standing in the gap of hopelessness and pain by declaring what God has done, is doing and will do through Music.

  7. To promote and develop choral music to members, driving excellence and personal-fulfilment.

  8. To participate in and have gospel outreach within and without church and to participate in Diocesan Music Festivals and/or any Religious Music Festivals approved by Choir Committee and Church Leadership.


To be ‘The Choir that creates a culture of excellence in self-motivation, personal-fulfillment, and spiritual nourishment through music’.


We serve the Lord Jesus Christ by cultivating performance excellence through singing that generates outstanding results. We fulfill this promise through our core competencies: Training and education, Assessment and feedback, Recognition and Awards, Networking and Sharing of Best Practices.

Choir History and Growth

The St. Luke’s Parish choir was formed in the year 2002. Like all major institutions, the beginning was humble.

With a minimal congregation the Rev. Humphrey Muraguri, 1st Vicar initiated the choir, through the need to support congregants sing hymns and other music. It’s presence enhanced Worship and Praise through therapeutic hymns and worship songs. At first, few members(between 15-20) joined with Edgar Omondi as the first Choirmaster assisted by Mr. Steve Kodjo.

To encourage membership growth, the Vicar and PCC spearheaded the choir’s rise by providing the pioneer Choir members with the liturgical purple robe(still in use) and an individualized navy blue uniform. This motivated growth of membership.

Benard Owiti joined the choir in 2005 and assumed the role of the Choir Master. The choir participated in archdeaconry music festival under class B category but never reached Diocesan level. However, this did not dampen the group and continued to participate in other festivals.

William Kinyamasyo took over as the Choir Master in the year 2008 and led the Choir until 2010 before he got a job opportunity in Jordan and left behind a vibrant Choir.

Kennedy Lihambo took over the mantle as the Choir master in 2011 up-to 2020. Under him and the chairmanship of Erastus Kathei and the committee, the choir membership grew to over 40 members. The dynamics of membership has been changing as a result of members relocation and transfers and others opting to take leave. The Choir performances improved and we participated in several activities of mission within and without church.

Later in 2020, Victor Otiende joined St. Luke as the Choir Director. Tremendous improvement has been noted over a short time mainly 2021 to date.

Choir members’ commitment to practices and support to the team has been tremendous over the years.

NB: Choir membership is open to any member of ACK. St. Luke Church, regardless of age. Commitment is the key to a Successful member.

ACK St Lukes Choir

Choir Activities and Progress

The Choir has an annual program prepared at the beginning of the year. This is guided by the Diocesan Choirs’ Program of Activities. Apart from routine church services, weddings, etc. the Choir Committee draws programs running in the year.

The Choir register by 2012 had over 38 members who have developed fellowship and team work in church service, competitions, and outreach missions.
The Choir was promoted from Class B level to Class A level Nairobi Diocese Anglican Music Festivals.

In 2013 the choir participated in the International Hymnal Festivals pitting great Choirs from within Eastern Africa countries. In this Inaugural Festival, we attained position Five(5) out of the 16 teams that participated. The Choir continued participating until when the Kayole Archdeaconry Choir came together in 2017.The results were amazing.

The Choir, under Ven. John Anzaya participated in Mission in Hoima, Bunyoro-Kitara Kingdom (2014) following an invite from Rev. Wilson Atuhire who served in St. Luke during his training at Church Army.

The Choir has had successful Choir Sundays during Ven. John Anzaya’s tenure. The finances so contributed supported the ministry of Music and enabled Choir meet the financial obligations (Diocesan, Arch-Deaconry and at the Parish Level.)This was mostly possible through our trusted Friends of Choir and the General Congregation who have remained to be out great supporters. We were able to purchase a new choir robe in 2018 out of the same. We too appreciate the donation by a Congregant and Friend of Choir, Monica Munge of the Grey Choir robes. Indeed we appreciate many other Friends of Choir(FoC) and general church membership who have been supporting the Ministry of Music/Choir.

We have actively been involved in mission work and have played a leading role during our Parish Revival Week , having hosted ACK Mikindani Choir(2017), ACT St. Mary Choir, Arusha(2018).

ACK ST.LUKE Choir also participated in Inter-Denominational Music Festivals in Mombasa from 2015 to 2016 with outstanding performance until 2017 when Kayole Arch-Deaconry Choir initiated by Erastus Kathei and Arch-Deaconry Choir committee under the Patronage of Arch-Deacon, John Anzaya and the Coordinator, Rev. Catherine Njogu, in pursuit of unity joined the St. Luke Choir and we won the overall position with all trophies for music class represented.

The Choir had a Successful Seminar held in Maria Polis Retreat Centre in Juja, the first of its kind. (It has been quite a long time since we had such a retreat.)

The Choir, was adversely affected following the outbreak of COVID-19 in March 2020. This made it impossible to gather for normal practices and church services due to the lockdown . At the same time, we didn’t have a substantive trainer despite the fact that we had identified one.

with the entry of the Newly recruited Choir Director, Victor Otiende and with the opening up of worship sanctuaries later in 2020, the choir noted great growth. In his coming, the choir was rejuvenated and has since made tremendous growth, and music levels and performances have won the accolades from within St. Luke and in place we have visited/performed.

In 2021,through members’ recruitment we were able to get 25 new members out of whom 52% joined the team rising to a high of 60 members. The singing standards have been quite motivating as we progressed. Choir Ministry has been revolutionized with adequate training of members on sight reading of music. We have since embraced use of Musical instruments in our performances. Thanks to the Organist, the Guitarists and the Drummists who have so naturally fitted in our routine practices to have the best.

We are indeed grateful to our Choir Director for his immense wealth of musical knowledge which he has so ably integrated.

There has been improved Inter-personal relationship, high discipline in attendance of practices, time management and adherence to guidelines which in essence have contributed to our good performances in church and out of church.

Choir needs

The choir, in order to continue to serving effectively has needs that would go a long way to improve on our performances:

a). A Key-Board

b). Improved and modern Liturgical Gowns/Robes

c). Choir Retreat

d). Choir Bank account

e).The Konga Drums new stand

f). Music Recording, and

g).Improved Hospitality among others.

Towards this, there could be members of Congregation willing to support this ministry. We would be glad to partner with you. ACK ST. LUKE has the capacity to produce the very BEST of Choir in the Anglican Fraternity and in the Country. We are open to more members joining this noble ministry. All are welcome.


We appreciate and acknowledge the Church leadership through our Vicar, Ven. Can. Peter Maina for according us the opportunity to serve in the church and for the much needed support that has enabled us achieve. Thank you for believing in us especially noting the successful GOOD FRIDAY 3 hour Service  (15th April 2022) when Choir played a pivotal role.

We don’t take it for granted the appreciation and acknowledgements we receive from St. Luke Family Congregation) for outstanding ministry of music.

Finally, we believe in enhanced cooperation within music fraternity, harmony and teamwork. Despite challenges any team faces, we strive to work SMART to reach desired goals i.e. winning souls to Christ through music.

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